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tree t pee

Owner Johnny Georges with his invention, the Tree T Pee




tree t pee was created by Johnny Georges an Arcadia, Florida entrepreneur and inventor. Georges has spent his whole life around citrus growers and he knows the industry well. His passion is to help the industry and to provide a water conservation solution.

A tree t pee serves several objectives. The cone-shaped tree guard, made of recycled plastic is positioned at the base of young trees. The product which has been on the market since 1986 has been getting considerable notice now that the need to conserve water is so critical. U of Fl. research shows that it helps conserve water, reduce fuel and fertilizer costs and helps increase growth by promoting root growth.

“Instead of using 10,000 gallons of water per tree per year without the tree t pee, with it we are now using only 800 gallons per tree per year and watering more efficiently,” said Georges ." With this kind of power available to the grower, especially a grower/manager of large acreage, it can translate into dramatic direct and indirect savings as well as maximize production."

In addition to using tree t pee’s in the citrus industry, the peach, olive, pecan and jatropha growers are now using them as well. The tree t pee is now being introduced to many other grower applications.


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Another major benefit of the tree t pee is the potential help in the area of frost protection. During the January 14, 2010 freeze in Florida, temperatures dropped to 19 degrees in some areas. The trees with thetree t pee had 40+ degree temperatures at their base with steam from the 72-degree water engulfing the canopy of the young trees. The Growers that had the tree t pees during this freeze were very thankful they had them, as it helped protect their huge investment. Proven Results!

The water savings are so significant that several Water Management Districts have expressed an interest in partnering with growers in a cost-sharing program, now that this product has proven that it can literally save “trillions of gallons” of water.


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Additionally, University of Florida researchers are studying the product as well noting its conservation benefits.

Georges owns the patent, the mold and the trademark. tree t pees are made from recycled plastic and have a useful life of approximately 20 years.