Save Water. Save Money. Grow Stronger.
Seeing is believing! Trees A and B were planted on the same day (Approx. one year ago). tree T-PEEs were installed on tree B and trees in background. Tree A was watered using traditional watering practices.



Once the tree T-PEE is in place, the water and fertilizer are contained within the diameter of the tree T-PEE and directed to the roots.  Instead of the tree only getting 10% of the water through conventional practices, the tree is getting 100%!

Increased Growth

As the temperature increases, the tree T-PEE transforms into a mini-greenhouse, keeping the ground around the tree moist and the roots hydrated, resulting in an increased growth rate.

Wind Diffusion

The tree T-PEE blocks effects of wind, preventing water from being blown to areas not needed.

Frost Protection

By keeping the 72-degree water within the tree T-PEE, the mist from the micro-sprinkler rising out of the neck of the tree T-PEE engulfs the canopy of the young tree.  The warm air and mist travel up into the canopy of the tree creating a “steam bath” effect.  When temperatures are below freezing, the tree T-PEE keeps the water enclosed within the cone, providing temperatures well above freezing.  As the sun rises, the black plastic of the tree T-PEE absorbs and retains the heat, adding additional heat that quickly warms the base of the tree.  The tree T-PEE typically adds 10-12 degrees difference from the outside air temperature on cold nights, but some growers have reported up to a 20-degree difference in temperature.